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Registration for new students at Bristol Township School District

Welcome to Bristol Township School District. We look forward to serving you and your family. Registration takes place at the prospective school.  If you are unsure what school your child should attend please call Pupil Services 267-599-2020.

You will need to schedule an appointment with the building secretary to complete registration.  The contact information and required forms can be found below.  

If you do not have a fixed, regular or adequate housing situation please contact Helene Mershon at 267-599-2020

Once you have completed and saved the forms, you may send them to the school your child will attend by email. Emails are listed below. You will receive  a corresponding email to let you know that your registration packet and supporting documentation were received. You will receive a second email once the information is verified and the registration is complete.

Please be aware that with the high number of registrations the district receives the registration process may take up to 5 school days to complete.  

School Contact Information

Brookwood Elementary -  267-599-2400
Jen Connolly:    [email protected]

Keystone Elementary - 267-599-2486
Marianne Mensinger:   [email protected]

Mill Creek Elementary - 267-599-2440
Nancy Tkach:  [email protected]

Ben Franklin Middle School - 267-599-2327
Maryann Carey:  [email protected]

Armstrong Middle School - 267-599-2265
Jenelle Fleming:  [email protected]

Truman High School -  267-599-2200 or 267-599-2201

Jillian Mobus:  [email protected]

Christine King:   [email protected]


Please review the following information to help you complete each of the forms.

  1. Complete Registration Packet- Required

    1. Click on the “Registration Packet” link provided

    2. Double Click on the “Complete Registration Packet” file

    3. Download the form

    4. Complete the form by clicking in each of the applicable fields and typing in your response. Note that the very first section is for District Use Only.

    5. Save the form to your computer as the student’s Last Name.First Name (e.g. Doe.John)

  2Verification of Residency
This document provides you with a list  of the acceptable forms of documentation in order to prove residency. You will need to upload a PDF copy of the documents  when you submit your registration packet.  

3.  Additional Registration Forms
a.  Exchange of information
b. Prior Discipline Record
c.  Residency housing questionnaire
d.  Publicity Refusal Form
e.  Technology Acceptable use policy
                f.   Race Ethnicity Form
                g.  Home Language Survey
h.  Child custody information
                 i.  Title I Income Survey
         j.  Military Connected Families Form

         4.  Health Forms
               a. Health History Form
Private Physician’s Letter
Required for students in kindergarten or first who are entering school for the first time, for students in 6th and 9th grade.  This form will have to be printed and completed by the child's physician. 
Private Dental Letter
This form will have to be printed and completed by the child's dentist. 
Medication Policy and Form  
Required for students who will need medication administered by the school nurse during the school day. 
School Vaccination Requirements 
The document explains which vaccinations are required by the fifth day of school.  Failure to provide the school with a record of the vaccination may result in the child being excluded from school. Records may be obtained from the child’s primary physician.

You can also access all the registration documents by clicking on the Registration Folder. By clicking the link, you will have access to all of the documents that you may need to register your child.

If you child has an IEP or 504 please notify the building secretary upon registration.  You may also contact the special education liaison for each building listed below.  

Mill Creek Elementary
Candace Holtzworth:   [email protected]

Keystone Elementary
Kathy Watkins:  [email protected]

Brookwood Elementary
Crystal Smith Herman:  [email protected]

FDR Middle School
Robyn Battershell:  [email protected]

Armstrong Middle School
Jennifer Schultz:   [email protected]

Truman High School
Melissa Bush:  [email protected]

Please be aware that with the high number of registrations the district receives the registration process may take up to 5 school days to complete.   


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