Transportation Services and Eligibility



Students who are new to the district or who move within the district can expect transportation to take 3-5 days to arrange.  Until transportation has been arranged, it is the parents responsibility to get their student to and from school.  




Bristol Township School District does not issue temporary bus passes. Students are only allowed to ride the bus to which they are assigned. Parents must provide alternate transportation when needed.

Transportation Services

I. Standards


Transportation shall be furnished in accordance with the Public School Code (PL30), as amended, and Chapter 4 of the Regulations of the State Board of Education of Pennsylvania.


II. Definitions


A. Walking Distance


1. The distance from the point on the parent’s property closest to the school to which the pupil has been assigned measured to the nearest point on the school property.


2. Distance shall be measured over the most direct usable thoroughfare.


B. Hazardous Walking Routes


1. Suspected hazardous walking routes will be referred to the Director for review.  If warranted, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation will be asked to review the walking route and make a determination. The Board of School Directors will consider the recommendation and make a final determination.


C. Eligibility for Transportation


State requirements are 2 miles for Secondary and 1 ½ miles for Elementary.


D. Exceptions


The walking distance may be increased by one-quarter mile if, in the judgment of the Transportation Department, the geographical layouts of the area or other factors make it practical to do so.


Transportation shall be provided to and from school for the regular school program for all resident students attending nonprofit, non-public schools as required by Act 372. Transportation shall be provided under the same standards and conditions established for the transportation of public school students.



E. After School Activity Buses


Bus service will be provided for secondary school students who participate in after school activities, in accordance with Bristol Township School District Policy.



Transportation Eligibility:

Bristol Township School District provides transportation for over 7,000 students public and non-public per day.

Bus transportation is provided under law to only those students who are residents of the Bristol Township School District. Non-resident students may not ride a Bristol Township school bus.


Public Schools:


Transportation services to and from school are provided for students in grades K – 6 who live more than 1.5 miles from their school. Students in grade 7-12 are provided transportation if they live more than 2.0 miles from their school. In addition, transportation is provided to those students who live closer than the 1.5 and 2.0 miles stipulated above if they must walk along or cross a roadway that has been designated a hazardous walk zone or roadway by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.


Non Public Schools:


The Pennsylvania School Code also requires school districts to transport their resident non-public students (who live more than the 1.5 and 2.0 miles from their school) to the schools of their choice that are within 10 miles of the school district's boundary provided that the schools are accredited by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and are recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a non-profit school with a 501( c ) certificate.

All school bus drivers are governed by the regulations of the U. S. and Pennsylvania Departments of Transportation. To become a school bus driver one must hold a CDL license with a passenger endorsement and pass a physical examination. Then the driver must take a 20 hour course which includes a minimum of 14 hours in the class room and 6 hours behind the wheel of a bus. Once a state examiner passes the driver, he/she receives a school bus endorsement to their CDL license. Thereafter the driver must annually pass a U. S. Department of Transportation physical exam and every four years be recertified by taking a 10 hour course with a minimum of 3 hours on the road. All drivers must receive a clean FBI finger print criminal history check and a Pennsylvania Child Abuse clearance.

Additionally every quarter (3 months) 25% of all the drivers employed by Bristol Township School District or its contractor are selected at random for a drug and alcohol test. This test is conducted without warning by federally licensed laboratories and the drivers are selected at random by a computer program. Any driver who tests positive for a controlled substance fails the test and loses their school bus endorsement and is terminated. Any driver who tests 0.02 for alcohol (which is 4 times tougher than the level for the general public) also loses their school bus endorsement. Failure to take the test when and at the time notified is considered a failed test and the driver loses their school bus endorsement. 

The district inspects all school buses twice a year and additionally each bus is
 inspected every summer by the Pennsylvania State Police. The State Police also conduct unannounced roadside inspections.

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